Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Shenzhen Finance Sector Sees Total Deposits Exceed 10 Trillion Yuan

Financial institutions based in Shenzhen have just seen their deposit levels rise to record-breaking levels.

China Holds 3rd Digital Renminbi Lottery in Shenzhen, Issues 20 Million Yuan to Consumers

China has just held a third lottery for the issuance of digital renminbi to Chinese consumers that greatly expands the scope of...

Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen Top List of China’s Top 50 Cities in Terms of 2020 GDP

Shanghai and Beijing have topped a new ranking of China's leading cities in terms of estimated economic output in 2020.

Shenzhen Unveils China’s First “Comprehensive” Data Legislation, Requires Express Consent for Gathering of Personal Data

The southern tech hub of Shenzhen has unveiled the first far-reaching legislative bill covering the collection and usage of data.

Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen Top 2020 List of China’s 31 Leading Financial Centres

A new ranking of China's top financial centres puts Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen at the top of the list.

Shenzhen the Stage for Further Chinese Depository Receipt Reforms as China Drives Capital Market Internationalisation

The southern tech hub of Shenzhen is set for further trials of Chinese Depository Receipts (CDR) as part of broader reforms to...

Shenzhen Lottery Winners Use Digital Renminbi to Pump Fuel, Pay for Meals

The winners of a recent digital renminbi lottery held in the southern tech hub of Shenzhen have used some of their proceeds...

Shenzhen Set for More Digital Renminbi, Renminbi Internationalisation Trials as Part of Municipal Reform Program

China's State Council has just unveiled an ambitious new reform program for the southern tech hub of Shenzhen that outlines major fintech...

Shenzhen Uses Blockchain-driven Lottery to Distribute Digital Renminbi, Spur Local Consumption

The southern Chinese tech hub of Shenzhen is using a lottery system to distribute the digital renminbi to local citizens.

Shenzhen’s Qianhai New District Flags Cancellation of Entry Restrictions for Foreign Investors

The Shenzhen municipal government has launched a raft of measures for further driving the financial opening of its Qianhai New District.

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China Issued USD$8.87 Trillion in Bonds in 2020 for YoY rise of over 26%: PBOC

The latest data from the Chinese central bank points to a marked rise in bond issuance in 2020 amidst the peak of...

Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai All Stress Digital Renminbi, Financial Opening in 2021 Government Work Reports

Several of China's biggest regional economies have outlined plans to accelerate digital renminbi trials and financial opening measures in their government work...

ByteDance’s Douyin to Serve as China Central Television’s Spring Festival Broadcast Partner for 2nd Year Running

TikTok's Chinese counterpart Douyin will be the official partner for the Spring Festival gala show that will be screened by China's state-owned...

China UnionPay Establishes Commanding Presence in South-east Asia’s Digital Payments Market

Payments giant China UnionPay is making bold forays into the digital payment sectors of multiple countries throughout South-east Asia.