Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Tencent’s WeBank Wins Award for Supporting COVID-19 Containment Efforts in China

Tencent-backed digital lender WeBank has won an award for its contribution to efforts to contain the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in...

86% of Danke-related Rental Loans Already Settled: WeBank Chair Gu Min

The chair of Tencent-backed online lender WeBank has touted the success of a rental loan rescue plan launched at the start of...

Tencent’s WeBank Reduces Maximum Ceiling for Microloans by 1/3 in Response to CBIRC Directive

Tencent-backed digital lender WeBank has announced a sizeable reduction in the maximum amount for its key microloan product in response to new...

Tencent’s WeBank Highlights Four Key Trends in Chinese Banking Sector

The head of Tencent-backed online lender WeBank has highlighted four major trends for China's banking sector as the impact of fintech adoption...

Tencent-backed WeBank Wins Award for Best Digital Bank in the Asia-Pacific

Tencent-backed digital lender WeBank has been named the Best Digital Bank in the Asia-Pacific for 2020 by leading financial publication The Asian...

Tencent’s WeBank Designs New Credit Card for Small Businesses

Tencent-backed online lender WeBank has just issued a new credit card product that specifically targets micro-and-small enterprises.

Tencent’s WeBank Becomes First Chinese Lender to Convert to Made-in-China Core Database

China's first digital bank is touting its migration from an X86 server to a domestically produced ARM server that uses Tencent's TDSQL...

Tencent, Alibaba and WeBank Lead Blockchain Patent Applications, Account for 25% of Global Total

Chinese tech giants emerged as the biggest filers of blockchain patent applications in 2019.

Tencent-backed WeBank Says It’s World’s 5th Biggest Blockchain Patent Applicant

Tencent-backed online lender WeBank is touting the transformative impact of the blockchain and other technologies on the Chinese financial sector.

WeBank Teams up with Shenzhen University to Establish New Fintech Academy

Shenzhen University has teamed up with Tencent-backed digital lender WeBank to launch a new fintech academy.

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China’s Biggest Bank Opens up to Applications for Digital Renminbi Wallets in Shenzhen

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) is making digital renminbi wallets available to consumers in the southern tech hub of...

Chinese Central Bank Outlines Efforts to Improve Execution of Monetary Policy

A senior official from the People's Bank of China (PBOC) has published a paper on its official website outlining current plans to...

Foreign Investors Raise Holdings on China’s Interbank Bond Market by over 1 Trillion Yuan in 2020

The latest data from the Chinese central bank points to a sharp rise in investment by foreign institutional investors on China's interbank...

Shenzhen Finance Sector Sees Total Deposits Exceed 10 Trillion Yuan

Financial institutions based in Shenzhen have just seen their deposit levels rise to record-breaking levels.