Tuesday, March 9, 2021
Tags Zhejiang province

Tag: Zhejiang province

Bank of Ruifeng First Bank to Pass Securities Board Review in 2021, Set to Become Zhejiang’s First Listed Rural Lender

Zhejiang province's Bank of Ruifeng (浙江绍兴瑞丰农村商业银行) has become the first bank in 2021 to pass review by the China Securities Regulatory Commission...

Household Leverage Ratios Exceed 100% in Hangzhou, Top 80% in Zhejiang Province and Shanghai

The latest official data indicates that the economic powerhouse of Zhejiang province is host to the country's most highly leveraged households.

Zhejiang Province Host to 40 Mixed-ownership SOE Reform Projects

Mixed-ownership reforms of Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOE's) appear on track to increase, with Zhejiang province recently unveiling a slew of new reform projects as...

Shanghai, Beijing and Zhejiang Province Top China’s New Per Capita Income List

China's National Bureau of Statistics has released new data on per capita disposable income by province. The latest data on the per capita disposable income...

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Trust Companies Sees 20% Profit Drop Amidst Squeeze on Chinese Shadow Banking

The trust sector in China posted a sharp decline in both profits and asset scale in 2020 as regulators stepped up the...

Chinese Banks Issue 52 Billion Yuan in Financial Inclusion Bonds Since Start of 2021

Commercial banks in China have continued to issue special bonds to raise funds for lending to small businesses since the start of...

China’s Foreign Trade in Goods Surges 32.2% Since Start of 2021

China saw a surge in imports and exports of goods in the first two months of 2021 as the economy continued to...

China Sets GDP Growth Target of over 6% for 2021, Aims to Create More than 11 Million New Urban Jobs

The Chinese central government has unveiled a slew of official targets for economic development in 2021.