Ice Kredit (冰鉴科技)


    Ice Kredit (冰鉴科技) is a Shanghai-based fintech company.

    The company uses big data technology to provide credit assessment services to small-and-medium enterprises, as well as provide “360 degree comprehensive credit assessment” to micro-and-small enterprises.

    Basic information

    Name in Chinese 冰鉴科技
    Name in English Ice Kredit
    Industry Fintech
    Company type Private
    Date of establishment 4 June 2015
    Registered capital
    Location B207, 4 / F, Liangyou Building, 618 Shangcheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
    Phone number +86-21-68592015
    Official website
    Staff team
    Key personnel Gu Lingyun (顾凌云), founder and CEO.
    Number of funding rounds 5, to pre-series C round.
    Total funding sum
    Key investors Yunqi Partners (云启资本), Guohe Capital (国和投资), Youzu Interactive (游族网络), Yongrui Investment (永睿投资), China Creation Ventures (创世伙伴), Lingfeng Capital (领沨资本), Will Hunting Capital (唯猎资本), FreesFund (峰瑞资本)

    Funding record

    No. Transaction Name Date Investors Sum Percentage Valuation Citation
    1 Pre- series C round 6 September 2019 Yunqi Partners (云启资本), Guohe Capital (国和投资) 335 million yuan
    2 Series B round 8 April 2018 Youzu Interactive (游族网络), Yongrui Investment (永睿投资) 155 million yuan
    3 Series A round 31 October 2016 China Creation Ventures (创世伙伴), Lingfeng Capital (领沨资本) 110 million yuan
    4 Pre-series A round 30 December 2015 A listed company and a fund based in Lujiazui. 20 million yuan
    5 Angel round 17 June 2015 Yunqi Partners (云启资本), Will Hunting Capital (唯猎资本), FreesFund (峰瑞资本) 20 million yuan