In­s­geek (保险极客)


    Insgeek (保险极客) is a Beijing-based Chinese insurtech firm that was established in October 2014.

    Insgeek bills itself as a “specialist enterprise staff insurance platform,” that focuses in particular on the “use of technological innovation to provide enterprises with smart employee welfare insurance and health management solution plans.”

    Insgeek is headquartered in Beijing, and has offices in Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Xi’an.

    Basic information

    Name in Chinese 保险极客
    Name in English Insgeek
    Industry Fintech
    Company type
    Date of establishment 21 October 2014
    Registered capital
    Location Beijing
    Phone number
    Official website
    Staff team
    Key personnel Li Bin (李斌) – chair and CEO.
    Number of funding rounds 4 (Series B round).
    Total funding sum
    Key investors
    Guozhong Venture Capital (国中创投)
    Legend Star (联想控股)
    THG Ventures (清控银杏)
    TusStar (启迪之星)

    Bosi Investment (博思投资)

    Fosun RZ Capital(复星锐正资本)

    Hecai Fund (和才基金)

    Funding record

    No. Transaction Name Date Investors Sum Citation
    1 Series B round 15 November 2018
    Guozhong Venture Capital (国中创投)
    Legend Star (联想控股)
    100 million yuan
    2 Series A+ round 15 December 2016
    THG Ventures (清控银杏)
    TusStar (启迪之星)
    Legend Star (联想之星)
    50 million yuan
    3 Series A round 15 March 2016 Bosi Investment (博思投资)

    Legend Star (联想之星)
    Fosun RZ Capital(复星锐正资本)
    10 million yuan
    4 Angel round 24 July 2015 Hecai Fund (和才基金) 1 million yuan