QuantGroup (量化派)


    QuantGroup (量化派) is a Chinese fintech company that was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Beijing.

    QuantGroup bills itself as a “data-driven open scenario financial services platform” whose ambition is to “move the world with data.”

    The company “provides pluralised, bespoke smart sales services and fintech integrated services to consumer scenarios and financial institutions,” and “provides high-efficiency technical support for consumers to enjoy convenient instalment services.”

    Founder and CEO Zhou Hao (周灏) studied physics at Peking University and also holds a Masters degree in physics from Rice University in Houston Texas. He was previously a vice-president at Barclays, an accountant at Capital One and a quantitative analyst with Morgan Stanley.

    According to its official website QuantGroup provides a set of three services:

    • Smart sales
    • Integrated fintech services
    • Instalment service technical support.

    Smart Sales

    QuantGroup’s smart sales involves the “use of big data technology to gather and process the user data of cooperating platforms, create analytical models, accurately produce user portraits, and rapidly provide credit assessments and credit suggestions.”

    QuantGroup also helps match platform users to funds of connected institutions and obtain instalment serves.


    • January 2014 – QuantGroup obtains angel investment from China Growth Capital (华创资本).
    • February 2014 – QuantGroup is established.
    • July 2014- QuantGroup is chosen as a start-up for Microsoft Accelerator.
    • September 2014 – QuantGroup obtains series A-round funding from Fosun RZ Capital (复星锐正), Gaorong Venture Capital (高榕资本) and China Growth Capital.
    • October 2015 – QuantGroup is name one of China’s national -level tech enterprises.
    • November 2015: QuantGroup obtains series B-round funding from Prophet Capital (知新资本), Oriental Fortune Capital, (东方富海) and Jiangmen (将门).
    • November 2016: QuantGroup obtains series C-round funding from Sunshine Insurance (阳光保险), Fosun Capital (复星创富), Guosen H&S (国信弘盛) and Saidian Capital (赛点资本).