Stable Growth, Risk Prevention and Reform on the Cards for 2018: Xi Jinping


Chinese President Xi Jinping has signalled that stable growth, expediting reform, structural adjustments and risk prevention will be the key economic work themes for Beijing in the upcoming year.

In speech delivered at a new year’s tea party held by the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Xi said that Beijing would “continue to comprehensively deepen reform, complete the 79 key reform missions” and that the “central government and relevant departments of the organs of the state would continue to complete the 22 reform missions, issuing 399 reform plans in all areas.”

“In 2018, we must use the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era as our guide…and make overall preparations to advance stable growth, expedite reform, perform structural adjustments, bring benefit to the lives of the people and engage in risk prevention.

“We must use the actual implementation of reform to ring in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening, and continue to stride forth along the broad path of reform and liberalisation. “