Access all the intelligence you need on China’s macro-economic and financial policy

China Banking News provides bespoke research and translation services that enable clients to obtain in-depth intelligence on economic and policy topics of their choosing.

We’re a premium provider of financial news and intelligence that’s read and cited by executives and analysts from:

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We offer accurate, in-depth and actionable intelligence to enhance any strategic decision-making process in relation to the Chinese economy. 

Our network of analysts and experts monitor and collate information from hundreds of media sources, think tanks and government authorities situated both within and outside of China.  

Research services and intelligence products we offer include:

  • In-depth reports: Covering key topics in China’s macro-economic and financial policy environment. 
  • Briefings: Bringing decision-makers up-to-date on specific issues of their choosing. 
  • Regulator updates and curation: Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly reports on key policy areas. 
  • Syndicated reports: We accept requests for syndicated research on issues of interest to a broader audience. 

Please contact research(at) to make further inquiries.