“Improve News and Public Opinion Management for China’s Capital Markets”: CSRC


China’s securities regulator has called for the improvement of systems designed to manage news, information and public opinions in relation to the capital market.

On 21 May the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) convened the “2018 News and Public Opinion Work Meeting” in Beijing.

According to the meeting news and public opinion work is “key work of the party…and a major matter for a stable state and safe nation.”

CSRC’s party committees at all levels will “continually raise their understanding of news and public opinion work…strengthen communications and contact with news media and specialist experts, further improve news and public opinion mechanisms, and create an outstanding public opinion environment for the reform, opening and stable development of capital markets.”

CSRC will also “understand and grasp capital market news and public opinion work from the height of ideology [and] change the past condition of being unwilling to speak, not daring to speak, being unable to speak and speaking poorly, and become expert adepts at news and public opinion work.”

The meeting focused in particular upon news and public relations work conducted via online platforms, as well as outlined four key work points:

i) Actively strengthen capital market communications, promptly notify capital markets of key work developments, publicise and explain legal and regulatory policies, and “properly tell the story of Chinese capital markets.”

ii) Improve news release forms, raise news release efficiency, strengthen reciprocal communications. With regard to key points or sore points that draw the attention of investors, expand the ability to explain uncertainties and actively respond to market concerns.

iii) Strengthen communication and exchange with news media and experts, as well as “fully exploit the positive, creative and supervisory role of the media.”

iv) Improve capital market news and public opinion systems, strengthen management of information dissemination on the futures market, firmly strike at “black mouths” who severely harm the lawful rights and interests of investors, and strive to create a clear online space for capital markets.