China’s Best Paid Financial Executives Revealed


A new study on the remuneration levels of Chinese finance professionals has shed light on who are the industry’s top earning executives.

The study conducted by 21st Century Business Herald focused on executives from 62 listed concerns in the four categories of securities firms, banking institutions, trust companies and insurers.

According to the study a total of 532 financial executives at A-share financial institutions enjoyed annual remuneration in excess of 1 million yuan (USD$156,530) in 2017, while 40 reaped annual remuneration of over 5 million yuan ($782,670).

Out of the 40 financial executives earning more than 5 million yuan per annum, 90% worked at securities companies or insurers.

The study found that seven financial executives enjoyed annual remuneration of over 10 million yuan, with new entrants on the list including Ye Sulan (叶素兰) and Yao Bo (姚波) from Ping An Insurance Group, as well as Zhang Xiangyang (张向阳) from Haitong Securities.

Li Yuanxiang (李源祥), Executive Deputy General Manager of Ping An Insurance Group, and Ms. Chen Xinying (陈心颖) Chief Operation Officer of Ping An Group, both from Ping An Insurance Groupwere the top earning Chinese financial executives last year, with annual remuneration of 13.037 million yuan each, for a rise of 30% compared to 2016.

In terms of gender breakdown, 73 (13.72%) of the 532 financial execs with more than a million yuan incomes were women, while 459 (86.28%) were men.

Gender representation varied by sub-sector, with 27.27% of million yuan execs in the trust sector being women, 14.94% in the banking sector, 13.33% amongst securities formers and 9.62% for insurers.

List of 40 Chinese financial executives with annual incomes of more than 5 million yuan

No. Executive Listed company Position Gender Age Annual earnings in 2017 (million yuan)
1 Chen Xinying Ping An Insurance Group Vice-CEO, chief operation officer, chief information executive officer Female 41 13.037
2 Li Yuanxiang Ping An Insurance Group Executive director, vice-chief executive officer Male 53 13.037
3 Ye Sulan Ping An Insurance Group Vice general manager, chief auditing executive officer, compliance executive Female 62 13.0013
4 Lin Yong Haitong Securities Assistant general manager Male 49 12.9390
5 Chen Dexian Ping An Insurance Group Chief investment executive officer Male 58 12.8699
6 Zhang Xiangyang Haitong Securities Assitant general manager Male 53 11.3228
7 Yao Bo Ping An Insurance Group Executive director, chief financial officer Male 47 11.037
8 Ma Mingzhe Ping An Insurance Group Chairman, CEO Male 62 8.8899
9 Yang Xiaobo Anxin Trust Director, president Male 42 8.619
10 He Fang Western Securities General manager Male 42 7.861
11 Jiang Wenguo Guojin Securities Vice-president Male 51 7.7282
12 Meng Qinglin Huatai Securities Professional supervisor Male 50 7.627
13 Cai Fangfang Ping An Insurance Group Executive director, chief human sources executive officer Female 44 7.1124
14 Sun Jianyi Ping An Insurance Group Vice general manager Male 65 7.0084
15 Ren Huichuan Ping An Insurance Group Executive director/ general manager Male 49 6.9213
16 Yang Minghui Citic Securities Executive director/ general manager Male 54 6.9060
17 Li Changwei Taiping Insurance General manager Male 54 6.8407
18 Zheng Xiaoman Huaxi Securities Supervisory director Male 61 6.417
19 Liang Qingde Anxin Trust Vice-president Male 55 6.377
20 Lin Zhihai Guangfa Securities Executive director/ general manager Male 54 6.0572
21 Feng Zhixin Anxin Trust Risk supervisor Male 41 5.8700
22 Tang Weihua Taiping Insurance Vice general manager/ secretary director Male 44 5.8141
23 Hu Dezhong Guohai Securities Vice president Male 50 5.5689
24 Ji Lu Guojin Securities Vice president Male 43 5.5596
25 Zhang Youjun Citic Securities Executive director, chair Male 53 5.5318
26 Jiang Chengjun Haitong Securities General manage assistant/ chief secretary Male 50 5.4742
27 Zu Qiang Huaxi Securities Chief operations officer, vice president Male 54 5.4463
28 Peng Min Huatai Securities Professional supervisor Female 54 5.4259
29 Yang Bin Dongfang Securities Chief risk officer/ compliance supervisor Male 46 5.3500
30 Yang Jiongyang Huaxi Securities Director/ chief manager Male 51 5.3280
31 Yu Jian Guotai Junan Executive director Male 54 5.2325
32 Tian Huiyu China Merchants Bank Executive director/ chief executive officer Male 53 5.2206
33 Gongli Qihui Haitong Securities Vice general manager Male 53 5.1718
34 Sun Shuming Guangfa Securities Executive director/ chair Male 56 5.1694
35 Chen Kexiang Ping An Insurance Group Vice general manager Male 60 5.1171
36 Wang Yan China Merchants Securities Executive director, chief executive officer Male 52 5.1098
37 Zhou Lan Taiping insurance Vice general manager/ financial supervisor Male 42 5.098
38 Cai Qiuquan Huaxi Securities Chairman Male 52 5.0357
39 Ran Yun Guojin Securities Chairman Male 54 5.0178
40 Chen Chunqian Haitong Securities Assistant general manager Male 55 5.0001