Business Confidence in China on The Rise: Central Bank Survey


A new survey from the Chinese central bank sees rising confidence amongst China’s businesses.

The People’s Bank of China released the “2018 Second Quarter Survey Report on Entrepreneurs, Bankers and Urban Depositors” ( 2018年第二季度针对企业家、银行家和城镇储户) on 15 June.

According to the report the Chinese entrepreneur macro-economic heat index and confidence index both saw gains, rising by 1.2 and 1.6 points respectively compared to the preceding quarter.

The entrepreneur confidence index posted its ninth straight quarter of increase, rising to 75.8 in the second quarter from 74.2 in the first quarter.

The confidence of bankers in the Chinese economy saw a slight slide after nine quarters of increase, edging to 81.2 in the second quarter from 81.9 in the first.

76.1% of Chinese bankers indicated that current monetary policy is moderate, as compared to 73.2% in the first quarter.

PBOC’s survey of 20,000 households across 50 cities found that 44.7% expect housing prices would remain stable across the July-September period, with 36.5% anticipating increases.