Chinese University Launches First Course on Blockchain Technology


A university in eastern China has launched its first course on blockchains for both undergraduate and research students.

Hangzhou’s Zhejiang University has announced that it will be launching the “Blockchain and Digital Assets” (区块链与数字资产) course for the autumn semester.

The move coincides with the opening of the Zhejiang University Blockchain Research Center ( 浙江大学区块链研究中心) on 12 June, which is chaired by Chen Chun (陈纯), a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The Center said to state-owned media that the blockchain course will be oriented towards fintech applications, and open to both advanced undergraduate students and research students.

The teaching material for the course will be the Zhejiang University text “Blockchain Technology Progress and Real Conflict” (区块链技术进阶与实战).

Cai Liang (蔡亮), vice-chair of the Center, said that blockchains are a cutting-edge technology, and that the university bears the duty of training high-level, well-rounded experts, with a focus on both scientific research and real-world applications.

The Zhejiang-province capital of Hangzhou has rapidly emerged as a leading hub for China’s internet and fintech sector.

It is host to the headquarters of online giant Alibaba, while in April this year it saw the establishment of China’s first blockchain innovation fund worth more than 10 billion yuan.

According to figures from Xinhua Hangzhou has seen the development of 193 blockchain patents.