New Policies Support Commercialisation of Chinese Scientific and Technological Research


Both the Chinese central government and local governments around China are launching policies to expedite the commercialisation of scientific and technological research and development.

A regular meeting of the State Council held on 4 July called for the launch of trials to provide an “easy channel” for scientific researchers to obtain ownership or long-term usage rights to the fruits of their professional labours, as well as raise the percentage of indirect funds for basic research projects and streamline budgeting for scientific research projects.

The State Council said that it would “grant scientific researchers with greater independent allocation rights in terms of people, funds and materials, to stimulate their innovative activities and strengthen their new role in economic growth.”

Just previously the State Council office released the “Opinions Concerning Deepening of Reforms of Project Examination and Approval, Personnel Evaluations and Organisation Assessments” (关于深化项目评审、人才评价、机构评估改革的意见), which called for the “firm implementation of an innovation driven development strategy and the deepening of reforms of the science and technology system, with a focus on stimulating the initiative and creativity of scientific researchers.”

Economic Information Daily further reports that more than ten of China’s province-level governments have launched policies to drive investment funds to support the commercialisation of scientific research, including Anhui, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangdong, Hainan, Hubei, Shandong Sichuan, Tianjin and Yunnan.

The Sichuan government just recently  launched its “2018 Sichuan Province Key Work Points for the Commercialisation of Scientific and Technological Research” (2018年四川省科技成果转化工作要点), while the Harbin municipal government’s science and technology department has established the “Harbin Science and Technology Research Commercialisation and Innovation Entrepreneurship Services Platform” (哈尔滨科技成果转化和创新创业服务平台).