Qingdao Hopes to Become Global Blockchain Innovation Hub


The Shandong province coastal city of Qingdao has unveiled ambition to become an international hub for blockchain development and innovation.

“Against the background of constant innovative application of blockchain technologies, [we] have made the creation of a global demonstration base for innovative blockchain applications and the establishment of a national highland for the blockchain sector the development goal for the northern part the city,” said Jiao Mingwei (焦明伟), vice-district head for Qingdao’s northern district during speech delivered the 4th China Fortune Forum (中国财富论坛) on 8 July.

“The city’s northern district is one of the country’s municipal districts that launched development of the blockchain sector at an earlier stage.

“In June 2017 we unveiled China’s third regional policy directive concerning the development of the blockchain sector, and in September 2017 we issued the country’s third official blockchain whitepaper after the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Guiyang municipality, as well as focused on the promotion of blockchain technological applications.

“At present the city’s northern district has already officially established a blockchain work advancement centre as well as blockchain sector research institute, and completed preliminary preparations for professional talent, industry experts and channel resources”