Ant Financial and eQianbao Launch “Ant Blockchain Contracts”


Ant Financial has teamed up with third-party e-signature platform eQianbao (e签宝) to develop blockchain-based smart contracts.

Ant Financial and E Qianbao officially launched the “Ant blockchain contract” (蚂蚁区块链合约) at the Ant Technology Exploration Conference held in the Zhejiang province capital of Hangzhou from 19 – 22 September.

Ant Financial-affiliate Alibaba recently emerged as the leading private corporate for blockchain-related patents in 2017, accounting for over 10% of the global total.

Established in 2002, eQianbao is the company behind China’s first digital seal system (the “Tianyin” system” as well as China’s first e-signature SaaS platform.

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