Chengdu Plans to Host World’s Largest Fintech Hackerspace by 2019


The Sichuan province capital of Chengdu in central China hopes to become home to the world’s largest fintech hackerspace by the end of 2019.

Jiao Zi Fintech Dreamworks (交子金融梦工场), which is situated in the Chengdu Financial City and bills itself as China’s first “fintech innovation and entrepreneurship platform,” is fast advancing plans to become the largest platform of its type in the world.

Its Jinrong Maitian (Financial Wheat Field) (金融麦田) project is scheduled for completion in November, covering  27,000 square metres of land with total building floorspace of 37,000 square metres.

Jinrong Maitain is expected to host approximately 4,000 work stations as well as more than 200 “fintech innovation work teams” after commencing operation in December.

In addition to Jinrong Maituan, Jiao Zi Fintech Dreamworks also saw the launch of the 44,000 square metre Jiao Zi Fintech Centre (交子金融科技中心) in July, which is already host to more than 1,000 industry professionals.

By the end of the year Jiao Zi Fintech Dreamworks will encompass more than 80,000 square metres of active floorspace, while 2019 will see its floorspace expand to more than 150,000 square metres with capacity for around 15,000 industry professionals, potentially making it the world’s largest fintech industry platform.

Fintech Dreamworks Company (金融梦工场公司), a subsidiary of Chengdu Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd. (成都金控集团), is the company behind Jiao Zi Fintech Dreamworks, and subject to the guidance of the Chengdu branch of the Chinese central bank.