China Takes Second Place Internationally for Artificial Intelligence Start-ups


China has become host to the largest number of artificial intelligence start-ups in Asia according to a study from German consultancy Roland Berger and investment firm Asgard Capital.

According to the study entitled¬†Artificial Intelligence- A strategy for European startups,¬†China is host to 383 AI start-ups, or 11% of the world’s 3,465 “true AI start-ups,” defined as companies whose primary product or service makes use of machine learning, deep learning or other forms of AI technology.

This number puts China in second place globally for AI start-ups, behind the US which is host to 1,393 start-ups (40% of the total), and just ahead of Israel which is home to 362 start-ups (10%).

The United Kingdom took fourth place on the list with 245 AI start-ups, followed by Canada (131) in fifth place and Japan (113) in sixth.

The remaining place holders on the top ten list are rounded out by France (109 start-ups), Germany (106), India (82) and Sweden (55).

The study purports to be the first comprehensive overview of the global AI sector, drawing upon data from start-ups around the world.