China’s Top Fintech Innovators for 2018 Announced in Beijing


A slew of awards for the most innovative players in the Chinese fintech space were announced at the 2018 Fintech Development Forum and Third China Fintech Innovation Conference (2018金融科技发展论坛暨第三届中国金融科技创新大会) held in Beijing last week.

The “2018 China Fintech Innovation List” (2018中国金融科技创新榜) included a total of 31 banking sector tech projects and 6 securities and insurance sector tech projects, while also highlighting 17 “Outstanding Fintech Solution Plans” (金融科技优秀解决方案).

One policy bank (China Development Bank), several big state-owned lenders including Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and ICBC, as well as a slew of joint-stock and municipal commercial banks featured amongst the ranks of the country’s most innovative fintech players.

A team of 12 experts from organisations including Accenture, Alibaba Cloud, the China Banking Association and KPMG China compiled a shortlist of 112 fintech innovation projects from more than 150 submitted, before online voting was held to produce the final list.

The 2018 Fintech Development Forum and Third China Fintech Innovation Conference was jointly held in Beijing by, the Internet Finance Work Committee of the Internet Society of China and the Fintech Innovation Alliance.

2018 China Fintech Innovation List Banking Sector Entrants

Bank Fintech Project
China Development Bank Creation of an IT-support guarantee system for student loans.
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Mobile banking services
Agricultural Bank of China The “Xiaodou Leyuan” sales support platform
Bank of China Bank of China Wangyu Pproject
Bank of Communications Wo’de (沃德)wealth management consulting
Postal Saving Bank of China Smart customer service project
China CITIC Bank Credit Card Center Micro-service management platform
China CITIC Bank China CITIC Bank smart voice services – use of smart voice services to upgrade interactions
China Everbright Bank Online lending products based on online big data risk control – the “Suixin loan” (随心戴)
Huaxia Bank Huaxia’s Longshang Bank (龙商贷)
China Minsheng Bank’s direct banking department China Minsheng Bank Direct banking 2.0 Innovation Operations Model
China Minsheng Bank On-site finance smart services platform
China Merchants Bank ABS blockchain platform
China Guangfa Bank Mobile banking big data applications, the CGB customer risk information platform
Ping An Bank The Ping An Bank Small and edium-sized enterprise credit data loan
Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Smart voice interaction project
Bank of Hebei The Bank of Hebei new mobile bank – creation of a comprehensive mobile financial services platform
Bank of Yingkou Bank of Yingkou innovation application FIDO _ cloud credit communications technology, improvements to mobile payments services
Bank of Shanghai Online consumer loan operations
Bank of Nanjing “Xin Cloud +” (鑫云) internet finance platform
Bank of Suzhou Bank of Suzhou on-site payments plan
Bank of Wenzhou Anti-fraud system
Bank of Chongqing Online small and micro-loan specialists
Suining Bank Application of smart retail operations risk control by a municipal commercial bank
Wujiang Rural Commercial Bank Online supervisory and administrative platform
Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank Big-data driven risk control model
Xinwang Bank (新网银行) Internet-based data-mining driven banking operations
Bank of Xiamen Internet loan fund depository operation based on a rapid development model
Chongqing Fumin Bank The Fumin Bank open internet platform


2018 China Fintech Innovation List Outstanding Fintech Solution Plans 

Company Fintech Project
Tencent Lingkun financial risk management platform
Duxiaoman Financial Duxiaoman Financial’s smart voice technology
Huawei High-level online threat prevention and trend detection plan based on big data and artificial intelligence
CIB Fintech Shujin Cloud (数金云)
ChinaTelecom Best Pay Co., Ltd. Best Pay web portal and App automation security project
ZhongAn Technology Consumer finance innovations
DataMargin (深圳索信达数据技术股份有限公司) Link-C retail banking smart sales solution plan
DataCanvas DataCanvas data sciences platform
Logos Data (罗格数据) Risk quantification analysis platform
Shanghai Jingzhi Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (上海敬之网络科技有限公司) FDI smart insurance service system, based on airline delay prediction models and insurance big data support systems
Kyligence Customer big data smart analysis platform
Sensors Data Sensors Data fintech implementation case summary
Beijing UnisGuard Technology Transaction risk anti-fraud
Shanghai Data Exchange xID market technology data compliance circulation solution plan
Zuihuibao Zuihuibao insurance (cloud services) platform
Beijing Situ Changjing Data Tech Services Co., Ltd (北京思图场景科技服务有限公司) Truth-Eye smart image platform
Cewell 51 credit card lifecycle smart operations system