Blockchain Smart Contract Security White Paper for 2018 Released


A group of China’s leading tech R&D institutes have released a white paper covering security issues in relation to the use of blockchain technology for the development of smart contracts.

The “Blockchain Smart Contract Audit Security Report (2018)” (区块链智能合约审计安全白皮书(2018年)” outlines 9 major categories of smart contract security leakages, of which access control accounts for far and away the largest share at 46.97%.

Other categories of security leakage covered by the report include erroneous use of random numbers and logic design flaws.

The report was prepared by the Blockchain Security Research Centre (区块链安全研究中心) which was jointly established by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) in tandem with Shanghai Jiaotong University’s Internet Space Safety Academy and Shanghai Zhangyu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (上海掌御信息科技有限公司), in tandem with the China Blockchain Application Research Centre (中国区块链应用研究中心), Shanghai Chuncui Wenhua Chuanmei Co., Ltd. (上海淳粹文化传媒有限公司) and the Hangzhou Jiamigu Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. (杭州加密谷区块链科技有限公司).