Beijing Launches New Round of Household Energy Efficiency Subsidies


The Beijing municipal government has unveiled a new cycle of subsidies to expedite the use of energy efficiency consumer goods by households in the city.

According to state-owned media the policy launched by Beijing over the weekend will run for three years, and provide a subsidy of as high as 800 yuan for each purchase of an energy efficient consumer good.

Energy efficient consumer goods across a total of 15 categories will qualify for the subsidy, including television sets and household appliances.

According to the Beijing municipal government the last three-year round of subsidies expedited the sale of over 6.6 million energy efficiency consumer goods worth more than 24 billion yuan.

Figures from the Beijing Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Center indicate that the subsidy policy achieved annual energy savings equal to the annual energy usage of approximately 180,000 municipal households.

The subsidies also achieved annual water savings of approximately 360,000 tonnes, equal to the annual water usage of approximately 3,600 households.