Xiong’an New Area to Launch 7.9B Yuan in Major Infrastructure Projects


The newly established urban district of Xiong’an has just unveiled a new round of municipal infrastructure projects.

China Xiong’an Group (中国雄安集团) has just released the “Xiong’an New Area Rongdong Area-related Infrastructure” (雄安新区容东片区相关工程) comparison announcement, indicating that it will make total investment of approximately 7.9 billion yuan in infrastructure projects including rail transit systems, municipal roads, comprehensive pipe networks and sewage pipe networks.

Xiong’an New Area was officially launched in April 2017, to serve as an ancillary urban centre to Beijing for the allocation of many of the non-core functions of government.

The area is situated 100 kilometres to the southwest of Beijing as well as 50 kilometres to the east of the Hebei province city of Baoding, and encompasses the three counties of Xiong, Rongcheng and Anxin.

The Rongdong area is situated in the east of Rongcheng county, and is one of the first parts of the Xiong’an New Area to commence development.

Xiong’an’s latest announcement allocates 1.97 billion yuan in investment to Rongdong area’s transit system, as well as 3.85 billion yuan to the municipal roads and pipe systems of Rongdong area’s A-zone, and 1.71 billion yuan to Rongdong area’s F-zone.

In addition to infrastructure projects just unveiled for the Rongdong area, Xiong’an New District has also scheduled the start of construction on 2.6 billion yuan in infrastructure projects in June of this this year, primarily consisting of garbage processing facilities.