WeBank Lauded by People’s Daily for “Exemplary Digital Financial Inclusion in China”


A new financial inclusion report from a summit backed by China’s peak industry bodies has highlighted the fintech-driven efforts of Tencent-backed digital lender WeBank.

The 2nd China Financial Inclusion Innovative Development Summit (第二届中国普惠金融创新发展峰会) held on 2 August saw the release of the “China Financial Inclusion Innovation Report (2019)” (第二届中国普惠金融创新发展峰会), which included a list of 20 “exemplary cases of Chinese financial inclusion.”

WeBank made the list for “exemplary digital financial inclusion in China” for its use of “distributed frameworks based on cloud computing to drive the sustainable development of digital financial inclusion.”

The summit was held at the offices of the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper, and enjoyed the joint support of the People’s Daily National Party Media Information Public Platform, the China Banking Association, the China Insurance Association and the National Institution for Finance & Development.