China Everbright Bank’s Cloud Payments Platform Sees Users Exceed 300 Million Following 42% YoY Rise


Users of the cloud payments platform provided by one of China’s leading commercial banks have surpassed the 300 million threshold.

China Everbright Bank’s Everbright Cloud Payments (光大云缴费) payments platform has seen users rise 46% YoY in 2019 to reach 307 million in total according to a report from the People’s Bank of China’s (PBOC) Financial News.

China Everbright says the Everbright Cloud Payments platform is the largest open payments platform in China, with a total of 6627 service items, for an increase of 2586, or 86%, compared to the start of the year.

This year’s total payments have so far reached 270.7 billion yuan in total for a YoY rise of 90%, while the number of payments transactions have reached 1.173 billion, for a YoY rise of 46%.