Nine Chinese Provinces Outline Total Investment of 24 Trillion Yuan in 2020, Yunnan’s Outlay Equal to Twice its GDP


Just Nine of China’s provinces have unveiled plans for investment in major infrastructure projects worth at least 24 trillion yuan (approx. USD$3.45 trillion) in 2020.

Data from National Business Daily indicates that six out of 15 provinces analysed are planning total investment in major infrastructure projects worth over 500 billion yuan in 2020 alone, including Henan, Guangdong, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Fujian and Shaanxi.

No.ProvinceAnnual investment amountTotal investment amountProject number
1Henan837.2 billion yuan 3.3 trillion yuan 980
2Guangdong700 billion yuan 1230
3Sichuan600 billion yuan 4.4 trillion yuan 700
4Jiangsu541 billion yuan 240
5Fujian500.5 billino yuan 3.84 trillion yuan 1567
6Shaanxi500 billion yuan 600
7Yunnan440 billion yuan 5 trillion yuan 525
8Guizhou 430 billion yuan
9Chongqing340 billion yuan 2.7 trillion yuan 924
10Shanghai310 billion yuan 152
11Beijing252.3 billion yuan 300
12Hebei 240.2 billion yuan 1.8833 trillion yuan 536
13Jiangxi239 billion yuan 1.11945 trillion yuan335
14Heilongjiang200 billion yuan885.6 billion yuan 300
15Gansu177.9 billion yuan 995.8 billion yuan158

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