China’s Big Six Banks Earn 3.1 Billion Yuan Per Day in 2019


All six of China’s big state-owned banks have released their annual reports for 2019 following disclosure by Agricultural Bank of China’s (ABC) on 30 March.

China’s big six state-owned banks (including ABC, Bank of China (BOC), Bank of Communications (BOCOM), China Construction Bank (CCB), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC)) posted combined net profits of 1.136496 trillion yuan in 2019, for a daily average profit of 3.1137 billion yuan.

ICBC remains China, and the world’s, largest bank in terms of assets, followed by CCB, ABC and BOC.

China’s Big Six Banks Ranked in Terms of Total Assets in 2019

RankBankTotal Assets in 2019
1ICBC30.109436 trillion yuan
2CCB25.436261 trillion yuan
3ABC24.878288 trillion yuan
4BOC22.769744 trillion yuan
5PSBC10.13058 trillion yuan
6BOCOM9.9056 trillion yuan

PSBC had the lowest non-performing loan (NPL) ratio in 2019, while BOCOM had the highest. All six of the big six posted declining or unchanged NPL ratios last year.

NPL Ratios of China’s Big Six Banks in 2019

BankNPL Ratio in 2019

ICBC was the most profitable big Chinese bank, while PSBC saw the most rapid growth in profits.

Revenue and Profits of China’s Big Six State-owned Banks in 2019

Bank2019 Operating RevenuesGrowth2019 Net ProfitsGrowth
ICBC855.164 billion yuan10.5%312.224 billion yuan4.9%
CCB705.629 billion yuan7.09%266.733 billion yuan4.74%
ABC627.268 billion yuan4.8%212.0983 billion yuan4.6%
BOC549.182 billion yuan 8.94%187.405 billion yuan4.06%
BOCOM232.472 billino yuan9.32%77.281 billion yuan4.96%
PSBC276.809 billion yuan6.06%60.933 billino yuan16.48%

ICBC led the big six banks in terms of net profits from wealth management products (WMP) of its subsidiaries.

Net Profits from WMP’s of China’s Big Six Banks in 2019

BankNet WMP Profits in 2019
ICBC330 million yuan
CCB60 million yuan
ABC296 million yuan
BOCOM89.1154 million yuan

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