Women Comprise over Half of Staff at Listed Chinese Banks, Less than 20% of Senior Executives


A new report has found that women are overrepresented in terms of the overall staffing of China’s listed banks, yet still underrepresented amongst senior executives.

A report from Hexun looked at the gender ratio of staff at a total of 13 A-listed Chinese banks who have provided detailed public data on the topic.

Their study found that at 12 out of the 13 banks women comprised more than half of all staff, with Bank of Xi’an the highest at 61.9%.

58.4% of staff at Bank of Changsha are women, while at China Merchants Bank and Bank of China the figure is 57.3%.

Even at Agricultural Bank of China – the only one of the listed banks examined whose staff team is minority female, women still comprised 45.6% of all employees.

Hexun found, however, that out of 36 A-share banks only 176 senior executives were women, accounting for just a 19.91% share of the total.

Their average age was 52.7 years, while 53% of them had at least master’s degree qualifications, and 24 of them held PhD’s.

The average remuneration level for female executives at China’s A-share banks is 795,000 yuan, still significantly below the figure for men.

Researchers impute the disparity to many female executives serving as independent directors or supervisors.

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