PBOC Issues 30 Billion Yuan in Central Bank Bills on 13 August via Hong Kong


The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) is­sued 30 bil­lion yuan in renminbi-denominated cen­tral bank bills on 13 August via auction in Hong Kong.

This included 20 billion yuan in three month bills, and 10 billion yuan in one-year bills, with a rate of 2.70% for both.

According to PBOC the bidding total was approximately 62.4 billion yuan, or nearly 2.1 times the actual issuance amount, indicating that renminbi assets are still highly appealing to offshore investors, and demonstrative of the confidence of global investors in the Chinese economy.

Bidders included multiple national and regional banks from North America, Europe and Asia, as well as central banks, funds and other institutional investors.

PBOC said that since November 2018 it had gradually established a regular mechanism for the issuance of renminbi central bank bills in Hong Kong, and that the latest issuance coincided with the maturation of prior bills, leaving the renminbi central bank bill balance at 80 billion yuan.

According to PBOC the steady issuance of renminbi central bank bills in Hong Kong would be of benefit to “diversifying the range of high-credit renminbi investment products and renminbi liquidity management tools on the Hong Kong market, satisfying the investment needs of offshore investors, improving the offshore renminbi yield curve, expediting the development of the offshore renminbi money market, as well as driving other issuers to issue renminbi bonds in offshore markets, and driving internationalisation of the renminbi.”

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