China Sees Issuance of 6 Trillion Yuan in Bonds in August


The latest data from the Chinese central bank indicates that China saw the issuance of nearly 6 trillion yuan (approx. USD$884.15 billion).

Data from the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) indicates that this included:

  • 565.93 billion yuan in government bonds;
  • 1.2 trillion yuan in local government bonds;
  • 919.17 billion yuan in in financial bonds,
  • 1.2 trillion yuan in company credit bonds;
  • 102.03 billion yuan in asset-backed securities;
  • 2 trillion yuan in interbank certificates of deposit.

As of the end of August the bond market custody balance was 111.9 trillion yuan.

PBOC data further indicates that the interbank money market saw 95.1 trillion yuan in transactions in August, for a YoY rise of 14.9%, and an on-month decline of 5.1%.

Pledge-style repo transactions totalled 83 trillion yuan, for a YoY rise of 17.6%, and an on-month decline of 3.6%.

Buy-out repo transactions totalled 0.7 trillion yuan, for a YoY decline of 11.4%, and an on-month decline of 16.9%.

Interbank lending transactions totalled 11.5 trillion yuan, for a YoY of 0.3%, and an on-month decline of 14.2%.

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