Users of Everbright’s Cloud-Driven Utilities Payment Platform Exceeded Half a Billion in 2020


China Everbright Bank has seen users of its cloud-based utilities payments service surge in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic drove sharp gains in the use of online payments and e-commerce services.

Everbright Cloud Payments (光大云缴费) saw platform users surpass 500 million in 2020, processing 1.8 billion payments transactions worth 400 billion yuan in total.

According to Everbright Cloud its services are currently available in 34 provinces in China, as well as more than 340 cities and over 2,800 counties.

Everbright Cloud said it continues to focus on the three payments service areas of “lifestyle, businesses and government administration,” providing full process coverage for utilities payments including water, power, gas, telecommunications and landline television.