Chinese Central Bank’s Digital Currency Unit Enters Cooperative Agreement with Zhengyuan Zhihui


The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) Digital Currency Research Institute has just entered a cooperative agreement with a leading tech company based in Zhejiang province to drive the use of the Digital Renminbi on college campuses.

Zhejiang Zhengyuan Zhihui Tech Co., Ltd. (浙江正元智慧科技股份有限公司) recently executed a cooperative agreement with the Digital Current Research Institute, with the goal of undertaking “innovative applications of the Digital Renminbi” when it comes to payments scenarios.

Under the Agreement the two parties will “expedite the development of a China Digital Renminbi ecosystem,” and “jointly drive smart innovation payments applications for the Digital Renminbi on college campuses and the park districts of enterprise entities.”

Shenzhen-listed Zhengyuan Zhihua was first founded in 1994, and is designated as one of China’s “key national software enterprises.”

The company’s current focus includes artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, and the provision of smart plans to college campuses in China.