Beijing Hopes to Accelerate Economic Digitisation with “Million Industrial Apps” Campaign


The Chinese central government has launched a national campaign to encourage the development of industrial apps as part of efforts to drive digitisation of the economy.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently led the issuance of the “Guidance Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of High-quality Manufacturing Enterprises” (关于加快培育发展制造业优质企业的指导意见), with the goal of “developing and promoting Industrial Internet of Things platforms and undertaking the ‘Million Industrial App’ development campaign.”

MIIT subsequently said to state-owned media that it will team up with other government authorities in China to “create a cohort of benchmark digital-transformation manufacturing enterprises.”

“The application of IT in the industrial sphere will not only drive the digital transformation of industry and accelerate the progress of a digital China and new forms of industrialisation, it will also create new opportunities and inject new vigour into high-quality growth,” said MIIT.

“In recent years, China has vigorously driven Industrial IoT and smart technology applications; accelerated the pace of new infrastructure development, and cultivated a series of industrial application software services platforms.”

Figures from Tianyancha indicates that China currently has over 1,600 industrial software enterprises, of whom nearly 60% were established within the past five years.

MIIT data further indicates that the revenues derived from industrial software products in China during the period from January to May of this year saw a YoY rise of 23.2%.