PBOC Touts Digital Renminbi Trials at Beijing Winter Olympics


A senior official from the Chinese central bank says the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a key event for ongoing trials of the Digital Renminbi.

Fan Yifei (范一飞), deputy governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), called for “comprehensively driving and advancing Digital Renminbi trials” at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics sites, as well as “steadily and orderly advancing of Digital Renminbi applications at key Winter Olympics sites.”

Fan made the remarks on 9 July, at a leadership meeting convened by PBOC in Beijing on the payments services environment for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

“Payments services are major and fundamental financial services, and the creation of a secure, convenient and high-efficiency payments services environment is a key safeguard for a successful Beijing Winter Olympics,” said Fan.