Chinese Banks See Profits Surge, NPL’s Decline in Third Quarter


The third quarter results already released by nine A-share banks in China point to a surge in profits in tandem with a decline in non-performing loan (NPL) ratios.

All nine of the banks that have released their third quarter results posted dual increases in operating revenues and net profits, while six of them saw year-on-year (YoY) posted operating revenue increases of more than 10%, and five saw gains in net profits of more than 20%. All nine banks also posted declines in their NPL’s.

2021 Third Quarter Performance Results for Nine Chinese Banks

BankNPLYoY ChangeOperating Revenues (billion yuan)YoY ChangeNet Profits (billion yuan)YoY Change
Hengfeng Bank1.26%2.4457.86%0.89513.09%
Zhangjiagang Bank0.94%-0.223.43110.66%1.00030.03%
Bank of Changshu0.81%-0.145.63312.96%1.79218.92%
Bank of Xiamen0.92%3.8563.13%1.53920.15%
Bank of Changsha1.20%-0.0315.69119.68%5.24618.40%
Bank of Hangzhou0.90%-0.1922.37719.97%7.03626.16%
Bank of Shanghai1.19%-0.0341.45610.44%16.67210.58%
Ping An Bank1.05%-0.27127.199.12%29.13530.08%
China Merchants Bank0.93%-0.20251.4113.54%94.35622.43%