Chinese Central Bank Releases Bond Market Data for November


The Chinese central bank has just released its latest round of bond market data for the month of November.

In November the Chinese bond market saw the issuance of 6.34261 trillion yuan in debt instruments, including 669.76 billion yuan in government bonds, 680.38 billion yuan in local government bonds, 1.01311 trillion yuan in financial bonds, 1.42142 trillion yuan in corporate credit grade bonds, 129.65 billion yuan in asset-backed securities, and 2.39367 trillion yuan in interbank certificates of deposit.

As of the end of November the bond market trustee balance was 131.7 trillion yuan, including a government bond trustee balance of 21.9 trillion yuan, a local government bond trustee balance of 29.8 trillion yuan, a financial bond trustee balance of 31.1 trillion yuan, a corporate credit-grade bond trustee balance of 30.5 trillion yuan, an asset-backed security trustee balance of 2.5 trillion yuan, and an interbank CD trustee balance of 13.9 trillion yuan.

November saw 22.3 trillion yuan in interbank bond market spot transactions, for an average daily transaction volume of 1.01222 trillion yuan, as well as a YoY rise of 49.9% and an on-month increase of 19.2%.

As of the end of November the top 50 legal person investors accounted for a 57% share of holdings, and were primarily comprised of fund companies, joint-stock banks, big state-owned banks and securities companies.