Local Chinese Banks Hope to Improve Staff Quality and Control Risk with New Database of Top-flight Talent


The peak body for the Chinese banking sector has launched a new database of top-tier banking professionals in a bid to improve the quality of staff at smaller regional lenders.

The Chinese Banking Association (CBA) has just officially launched the “Chinese Banking Sector Management Talent Database” (中国银行业管理人才库) with the guidance of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC).

According to CBA the goals of the database include “resolving the problems of weak corporate management at small and medium-sized banks and their lack of professional staff; the prevention and dissolution of financial risk and driving high-quality development of the banking sector.”

The database includes information on senior management personnel, independent directors and external supervisors, and currently has data on 580 individuals, as well as details concerning more than 1230 available positions.

CBA said that in future it would seek to “optimise financial personnel resource allocation, and provide a guarantee of personnel for the reform and risk amelioration of small and medium-sized banks and the high-quality development of the banking sector.”

The move comes after the Chinese banking regulator called for retiring executives from the country’s top lenders to take up positions at regional banks in order to help them deal with their risk and operating issues.