China’s Banking Regulator Outlines Key Work Points for 2022, Calls for Creating “Traffic Lights for Capital”


The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) has outlined its key work points for 2022 at a meeting convened on the afternoon on 24 January.

Key work points outlined at the meeting include:

  1. The banking and insurance system continuing to raise the quality and efficiency of its service of the real economy.
  2. Pragmatically raising the foresight and effectiveness of regulation.
  3. Firmly guarding the bottom line against the onset of systemic financial risk.
  4. Deepening the advance of reform and opening of the banking and insurance sectors.
  5. Accelerating the digital transformation of the financial system.
  6. Vigorously driving the high quality development of society and the economy.

CBIRC also called for “firmly preventing the disorderly expansion of capital into the financial sector,” as well as “establishing traffic lights in the financial sector for capital.”