China Development Bank Plans to Issue 400B Yuan in Loans to Drive Rural Village Revitalisation


One of China’s big three policy banks plans to allocate large volumes of lending to the country’s rural village revitalisation plan in 2022.

China Development Bank (CDB) recently convened its 2022 (Tele) Work Conference on Servicing Rural Village Revitalisation (2022年服务乡村振兴工作(视频)会议) in Beijing.

CDB said that it planned to issue no less than 400 billion yuan in loans in 2022 to support “comprehensive advance of rural village revitalisation.”

CDB chair and party secretary Zhao Huan (赵欢) said that rural village lending would focus in particular on areas including:

  1. Supporting guarantees for grain security and stable supplies of rural products. Aiding the high-quality development of agriculture.
  2. Focusing on key rural village revitalisation counties, and consolidation of poverty alleviation results.
  3. Driving rural village development campaigns, and specialist financial services for county-level garbage and waste water processing. Improvements to water, power, road and gas infrastructure in rural villages, as well as healthcare, education and aged care services.
  4. Driving the establishment of demonstration zones for financial services for rural village revitalisation. Actively supporting the establishment of common prosperity demonstration zones in Zhejiang province.
  5. Upholding targeted, market-based and compliant operation. Effectively performing risk prevention and control, and exploring market-based financing models.