UnionPay, Bank of China and BOCOM Launch Green Low Carbon Action League in Beijing


Payments giant China UnionPay has teamed up with leading financial institutions to launch a new green low carbon initiative in the capital city of Beijing.

On 12 April the “Green Beijing Low Carbon Travel” (绿色北京 低碳出行) Action Alliance was launched by UnionPay, in partnership with a range of financial institutions and enterprises including Bank of China and Bank of Communications, as well as Ruubypay, Yili Group and WuMart.

The Alliance is reportedly the first “cross-enterprise, cross-industry green low carbon initiative” to be launched in Beijing, and has the goal of “integrating the resources and strengths of all members to promote green, low-carbon lifestyles and travel methods to general users and customers.”

Enterprises who are part of the Alliance will “continue to engage in the innovation of green, low carbon services; engage in joint strategising with respect to customers, and guide and encourage the people to actively participate in green low-carbon activities.”