Party Secretary of China’s First Private Bank Commits to Support for Rural Revitalisation and Financial Inclusion


The secretary for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) branch of the first private bank established since the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has flagged greater support for financial inclusion and the country’s rural village revitalisation strategy.

Li Nanqing (李南青), party secretary and president of WeBank, said that the Tencent-backed private lender would “accelerate China’s green transition, improve the allocation system, stabilise employment, achieve rural village revitalisation, and make a positive contribution to firmly advancing common prosperity.”

Li made the remarks on 22 October, during the closure of the 20th National CCP Congress.

“As the first private bank and digital bank in China to establish a party committee, WeBank has continually uphold its original mission of financial inclusion for the masses”, Li said.

“Over the past eight years, WeBank has continually upheld party development in guiding growth, and wholeheartedly implemented the mission of financial inclusion.”

Li said that focal areas for work in future would include:

  1. Continuing to implement financial inclusion and drive common prosperity.
  2. Continuing to employ the role of fintech advantages in servicing the real economy and driving high-quality development.
  3. Implementing green finance and aiding green development.
  4. Providing the “blood infusion” of finance to support rural village revitalisation.