Tencent Cloud Unveils Comprehensive Financial Digitisation Solutions Plan


The cloud computing division of Chinese tech giant Tencent has outlined a new plan to drive the digital transformation of domestic finance institutions.

“At present, our domestically produced cloud infrastructure is helping financial institutions to achieve sovereign controllability,” said Qiu Yuepeng (邱跃鹏), Tencent Cloud vice-president, on 30 November at the 2022 Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Smart Finance Forum (2022腾讯全球数字生态大会智慧金融论坛). “Domestically produced databases, cloud computing and other products and technologies are seeing accelerated application in financial operations and even core systems,”

“At the same time, the financial sector is also accelerating its embrace of cloud-sourced technology, launching a new era of in-depth cloud usage. In future, the development of new technologies will accelerate fintech innovations, as well as becoming an innovation driver for financial institutions to deepen their service of the real economy.”

TenCent Cloud has unveiled a “new blueprint framework” to drive financial digitisation in China, covering the three areas of creating new infrastructure, providing new services, and establishing new linkages.

“A new generation of technologies as represented by the cloud is currently integrating with application innovations, and upgrades to distributed infrastructure frameworks are creating a new driver for the financial sector,” said Hu Liming (胡利明), Tencent Cloud vice-president.

“Following the gradual penetration of the financial sector by the integration of digital and real operations, we are seeing the flourishing development of new models and operation, including industrial and financial digitisation.”