Beijing Fintech Centre Set to Commence Operation in September


Beijing’s municipal government hopes to launch a new fintech centre in the Jinke New District during the second half of 2023.

The Huayuan Century Tianle Project (华远世纪天乐项目) – also referred to as Beijing Fintech Centre (北京金融科技中心) is schuedled to commence official operation in September, following the completion of a comprehensive development and promotional period that kicked off in January.

Huayuan Century Tianle is situated in the Jinke New Ditrict, also referred to as the Beijing Financial Technology and Professional Demonstration Zone – the first national-level demonstration zone in China that is centred around financial technology.

Categorised as a “benchmark building for urban renewal,” the Beijing Financial Technology Center is adjacent to Xizhimen Wainan Street on its northern side in the core part of Beijing’s Financial Street Area.