Qualcomm CEO Tells Communist Party’s Flagship Newspaper He Wants to Expand Partnerships with China


The head of one of America’s leading telecoms and semi-conductors companies has called for expanding partnerships with Chinese companies despite worsening tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Cristiano Amano, CEO of Qualcomm, said to the People’s Daily that Qualcomm is expanding its partnerships in China after establishing cooperative relationships with Chinese companies for more than 30 years.

“We are proud of the partnerships we have established with the Chinese market and customers. As Qualcomm’s business continues to expand, our partnerships are also expanding from the mobile communication industry to industries such as automotive, computing, VR, and industry,” Amano said.

“As Qualcomm’s business develops in the Chinese market, it will help more and more companies to innovate and grow in the ecosystem, creating greater opportunities for new growth.”

Amano made the remarks on 26 March at the 2023 China Development Forum held by the State Council.

Amano said that Qualcomm see growth opportunities in the development of partners in the Chinese automotive industry, and that entering the automotive industry is one of the key components of Qualcomm’s diversification strategy.

“Qualcomm has cooperated with the vast majority of Chinese electric vehicle brands. The automotive industry is experiencing two parallel trends of transformation, electrification, and digitization. Cars are gradually becoming networked computers on wheels, especially in new service areas such as the digital cockpit and interconnectivity,” he said.

Amano also highlighted the potential for 5G-powered mobile devices to foster the applicational potential of artificial intelligence and the industrial internet.

“With the popularization of 5G technology, smartphones have become the most connected terminal devices in the world, and the many mobile technologies they incorporate are entering multiple industries, assisting in the transformation of fields such as automotive and industry,” Amano said.

“It can be said that the popularization of 5G has ushered in a new era of hybrid AI and hybrid computing, bringing new opportunities for digital transformation in various industries…every industry will benefit from 5G connectivity and edge computing, which will be a good opportunity for 5G to further empower digital transformation.”