Chinese American Depository Receipts Trading on OTC Markets


    The complete list of Chinese American Depository Receipts (ADR’s) trading on over-the-counter (OTC) markets is as follows:

    No. Company Ticker Industry
    1 AAC Technologies AACAY Electron.&ElectricEq
    2 Agile AGPYY Real Estate Inv&Serv
    3 Agricultural Bank of China ACGBY Banks
    4 Air China AIRYY Travel & Leisure
    5 Ajisen AJSCY Support Services
    6 Anhui Conch Cement AHCHY Construct.&Materials
    7 Anta Sports ANPDY General Retailers
    8 Anton Oilfield Services ATONY OilEquip.,Serv.&Dist
    9 BAIC Motor Corporation BCCMY Automobiles & Parts
    10 Bank of China BACHY Banks
    11 Bank of Communications BCMXY Financial Services
    12 Bank of Jinzhou BKJZY Banks
    13 Beijing Capital International Airpo BJCHY Travel & Leisure
    14 Bosideng International BSDGY General Retailers
    15 Brilliance China Automotive BCAUY Automobiles & Parts
    16 BYD BYDDY Electron.&ElectricEq
    17 Chaoda Modern Agriculture CMGHY Food Producers
    18 China Agri-Industries holding CIDHY Food Producers
    19 China Bluechemical CBLUY Chemicals
    20 China Coal Energy CCOZY Mining
    21 China Communications Construction CCCGY IndustrialTransport.
    22 China Construction Bank CICHY Banks
    23 China Dongxiang CDGXY General Retailers
    24 China Everbright CEVIY Financial Services
    25 China Evergrande EGRNY Real Estate Inv&Serv
    26 China Foods CHFHY Food Producers
    27 China Galaxy CGXYY Financial Services
    28 China High-Speed Transmission Equip CHSTY IndustrialTransport.
    29 China Hongqiao CHHQY Construct.&Materials
    30 China Literature CHLLY Leisure Goods
    31 China Longyuan Power CLPXY Alternative Energy
    33 China Mengniu Dairy CIADY Food Producers
    34 China Merchants Bank CIHKY Banks
    35 China Merchants Port Holding CMHHY IndustrialTransport.
    36 China Merchants Securities Co.,Ltd – H Share CNMMY Financial Services
    37 China Minsheng Banking CMAKY Banks
    38 China National Building CBUMY Construct.&Materials
    39 China New Borun BORNY Beverages
    40 China Overseas Land & Investment CAOVY Construct.&Materials
    41 China Pacific Insurance CHPXY Life Insurance
    42 China Railway CRWOY Construct.&Materials
    43 China Railway Construction CWYCY Construct.&Materials
    44 China Railway Signal& Communication CRYCY Electron.&ElectricEq
    45 China Resources Land CRBJY Real Estate Inv&Serv
    46 China Resources Power CRPJY Mining
    47 China Shenhua Energy CSUAY Mining
    48 China Shineway Pharmaceutical CSWYY Pharma. & Biotech.
    49 China State Construction CCOHY Construct.&Materials
    50 China Sunergy CSUNY Alternative Energy
    51 China Taiping Insurance CTIHY Financial Services
    52 China Techfaith Wireless Communicat CNTFY Tech.Hardware&Equip.
    53 China Tower CTOWY Mobile Telecom.
    54 China Vanke Co. LTD CHVKY Real Estate Inv&Serv
    55 China Zenix Auto International ZXAIY Automobiles & Parts
    56 Chongqing Rural Commercial CRCBY Financial Services
    57 CITIC Resources CTJHY Mining
    58 CITIC Securities CIIHY Financial Services
    59 COSCO SHIPPING CSPKY IndustrialTransport.
    60 COSCO SHIPPING Development Co., Ltd. CITAY Support Services
    61 COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co. CICOY IndustrialTransport.
    62 Country Garden CTRYY Real Estate Inv&Serv
    63 CRRC Corporation Limited CRCCY IndustrialTransport.
    64 Daphne International DPNEY General Retailers
    65 Datang International Power Generation DIPGY Electricity
    66 Dongfeng Motor DNFGY Automobiles & Parts
    67 Duoyuan Global Water DGWIY Gas,H20&Multiutility
    68 ENN Energy XNGSY Oil & Gas Producers
    69 FIH Mobile FXCNY Tech.Hardware&Equip.
    70 First Tractor FIRRY Construct.&Materials
    71 Forgame Holdings FRGHY Software&ComputerSvc
    72 Fosun International FOSUY Pharma. & Biotech.
    73 Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co. Ltd FYGGY Automobiles & Parts
    74 Golden Meditech GMDTY HealthCareEquip.&Ser
    75 GOME Retail Holdings Limited GMELY General Retailers
    76 Great Wall Motor GWLLY Automobiles & Parts
    77 Guangdong Investment Limited GGDVY Gas,H20&Multiutility
    78 Guangzhou Automobile GNZUY Automobiles & Parts
    79 Guangzhou R&F Properties GZUHY Real Estate Inv&Serv
    80 Guotai Junan Securities GJJSY Financial Services
    81 Haier Electronics HRELY HouseGoods&HomeConst
    82 Haitong Securities HAITY Financial Services
    83 Hengan International Group HEGIY Financial Services
    84 Hidili Industry International Devel HIIDY Mining
    85 Hopewell Highway Infrastructure HHILY IndustrialTransport.
    86 Huabao International HUIHY Chemicals
    87 Huadian Fuxin Energy HUADY Electricity
    88 Huadian Power International HPIFY Electricity
    89 IFM Investments CTCLY Financial Services
    90 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China IDCBY Banks
    91 Innovent Biologics IVBIY Pharma. & Biotech.
    92 Jiangsu Expressway JEXYY IndustrialTransport.
    93 Jiangxi Copper JIXAY Indust.Metals&Mining
    94 JNBY Design JNBBY General Retailers
    95 Jutal Offshore Oil Services JUTOY Oil & Gas Producers
    96 Kingboard Holdings Limited KBDCY Chemicals
    97 Kingdee International Software KGDEY Software&ComputerSvc
    98 Kunlun Energy KLYCY Oil & Gas Producers
    99 LDK Solar LDKYQ Alternative Energy
    100 Lentuo International LASLY General Retailers
    101 Li Ning LNNGY Personal Goods
    102 Longfor Group Holdings Limited LGFRY Real Estate Inv&Serv
    103 Longtop Financial Technologies LGFTY Software&ComputerSvc
    104 Lonking Holdings LKHLY Industrial Engineer.
    105 Meitu MEIUY Software&ComputerSvc
    106 Meituan Dianping MPNGY General Retailers
    107 Metallurgical Corporation of China MLLUY Construct.&Materials
    108 Mongolia Energy MOAEY Mining
    109 NWS NWSGY Support Services
    110 Parkson Retail PKSGY General Retailers
    111 PICC Property and Casualty PPCCY Nonlife Insurance
    112 Ping An Healthcare and Technology PIAHY HealthCareEquip.&Ser
    113 Ping An Insurance Company of China PNGAY Life Insurance
    114 Postal Savings Bank of China Co., Ltd. – H Share PSTVY Banks
    115 Shandong Molong Petroleum Machinery SHANY OilEquip.,Serv.&Dist
    116 Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co. SHNXY Pharma. & Biotech.
    117 Shanghai Electric SIELY Industrial Engineer.
    118 Shanghai Jin Jiang Intl Hotel SJJIY Leisure Goods
    119 Shanghai Pharmaceuticals SHPMY Pharma. & Biotech.
    120 Shenzhen Expressway SHZNY Construct.&Materials
    121 Shenzhen Investment SZNTY Financial Services
    122 Shenzhou International SHZHY General Industrials
    123 Sino-Ocean SIOLY Real Estate Inv&Serv
    124 Sinofert Holdings SNFRY Chemicals
    125 Sinopec Engineering SNPRY Construct.&Materials
    126 Sinopharm Group SHTDY Pharma. & Biotech.
    127 Sinotruk SHKLY General Industrials
    128 Springland International SPRHY General Retailers
    129 Stella International SLNLY General Retailers
    130 Sun Art Retail SURRY Food &Drug Retailers
    131 Sunac SNCHY Real Estate Inv&Serv
    132 Sunny Optical Technology SOTGY General Retailers
    133 Tencent TCEHY Software&ComputerSvc
    134 Tingyi (Cayman Islands) TCYMY Food Producers
    135 TravelSky Technology TSYHY Software&ComputerSvc
    136 Tsingtao Brewery TSGTY Beverages
    137 Uni-President China UPCHY Food Producers
    138 Want Want China WWNTY Food Producers
    139 Weichai Power WEICY Industrial Engineer.
    140 Wuxi Biologics WXXWY Pharma. & Biotech.
    141 Xiaomi XIACY Tech.Hardware&Equip.
    142 Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Tech XNJJY Alternative Energy
    143 Xinyi Solar Holdings XISHY Industrial Engineer.
    144 Yanzhou Coal Mining YZCAY Mining
    145 Zhaojin Mining Industry ZHAOY Indust.Metals&Mining
    146 ZhongAn online ZZHGY Nonlife Insurance
    147 Zhongyuan Bank ZNNGY Banks
    148 Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., ZHUZY Electron.&ElectricEq
    149 Zijin Mining Group ZIJMY Mining
    150 Zoomlion Heavy Industry ZLIOY Construct.&Materials
    151 ZTE ZTCOY Tech.Hardware&Equip.
    152 Zuoan Fashion ZAHLY Personal Goods