Chinese Banking Executives Grab Top Spots in Provincial Government


A senior executive from the world’s biggest bank has been appointed to a top position in the Guizhou province government, continuing a trend of transfers from the Chinese banking sector to regional administration.

Tan Jiong (谭炯), who has served as vice-president of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) for the past two years, has been appointed vice-governor of Guizhou province according to sources speaking to National Business Daily.

53 year-old Tan Jiong was first appointed vice-president of ICBC in October 2016, before obtaining approval to hold the position from the former China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) in January 2017.

Tan is a three-decade veteran of the Chinese banking sector, commencing his career with Bank of China in June 1988. He is a graduate of Wuhan University in central China and holds a PhD in economics.

The appointment of senior banking executives to leading administrative positions in the Chinese provinces has become increasingly common of late, with at least seven such appointments taking place over the past several years .

These include the appointment of Liu Qiang (刘强), former vice-president of Bank of China, to the position of Shandong province vice-governor in September 2018.

Zhang Lilin (张立林), former vice-president of China Construction Bank as well as a two-decade veteran of Agricultural Bank of China, is currently the vice-governor of Liaoning province in the Chinese north-west, where his chief duties include financial regulation, human resources and social security.

Wang Jiang (王江), former vice-president of Bank of Communications, is currently the vice-governor of Jiangsu province, while other former banking execs who have or currently hold top spots in regional government include:

  • Li Yunze (李云泽), former vice-president of ICBC who is currently vice-governor of Sichuan province;
  • Kang Yi (康义), former vice-president of ABC who is currently vice-mayor of Tianjin;
  • Guo Ningning (郭宁宁), former vice-president of ABC who is currently vice-governor of Fujian province,
  • Wu Wei (吴伟), former vice-head of CCB who is currently a member of the Shanxi province provincial government party organisation;
  • Liu Guiping (刘桂平), formerly an executive of the retail banking department of ABC, who served as vice-mayor of Chongqing municipality before becoming head of CCB.