China’s Peak Payments Body Outlines 8 Targeted Forms of Illegal Conduct in 2020


The Payment & Clearing Association of China (PCAC) issued its “2020 Payments and Settlement Illegal and Illicit Conduct Key Reporting Items” (2020年支付结算违法违规行为重点举报事项的公告) on 9 March.

The Reporting Items outline a total of eight areas that PCAC will focus on in 2020, including:

  1. Payments and settlement operations without a license;
  2. The provision of payments and settlement services for gambling and other illegal transactions;
  3. The provision of payments and settlements services for new forms of criminal conduct involve the telecommunications network;
  4. Conduct in breach of standards for barcode payment operations;
  5. Conduct in breach of acquiring business outsourcing regulatory provisions;
  6. Disturbing the order of the payments market, and infringing the lawful rights and interests of consumers;
  7. Disclosure of sensitive payments information, and participation in fraudulent conduct such as the counterfeiting of cards;
  8. Illegal amendment and malicious tampering with end terminal information.

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