Guangdong Province Home to over Half of China’s 45,600 Blockchain-related Enterprises


Guangdong has emerged as the undisputed centre of China’s blockchain sector based on the number of related enterprises situated in the southern China.

Figures from Qi Chacha (企查查) indicates that as of 7 July China is host to approximately 45,600 blockchain-related companies in total, of which over 40,000 are currently in operation.

24,001 of these blockchain-related concerns, or 52.5% of the total, are situated in the province of Guangdong, making it the leading region for the Chinese blockchain sector.

Zhejiang is home to the second largest number of blockchain-related companies at 2941, followed by Jiangsu (2551) and Shandong (2064).

China’s Top 10 Blockchain-related Enterprises

  1. Guangdong (24,001)
  2. Zhejiang (2941),
  3. Jiangsu (2551),
  4. Shandong (2064),
  5. Chongqing (1910),
  6. Hainan (1874),
  7. Shaanxi (1434),
  8. Hunan (1037),
  9. Anhui (1013),
  10. Hubei (499.

China officially elevated blockchain technology to part of national development strategy in October 2019, while over 20 local Chinese governments have since included blockchain in their local work reports, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Chongqing.

38% of China’s blockchain-related companies are still at the angel/ seed investor stage, while 26% are at Pre-A to A+, 5% are at Pre-B to B+, and 4% are at C round or above. 17% have drawn strategic investors.

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