Shanghai Issues Implementation Plan for Tech-driven Carbon Neutrality


Shanghai’s municipal government has issued a new plan to achieve reductions in the city’s carbon emissions by means of tech-driven measures.

On 26 October the Shanghai government issued the “Shanghai Implementation Plan for Tech-supported Peak Carbon and Carbon Neutrality” (上海市科技支撑碳达峰碳中和实施方案).

The Plan calls for the development of 100 “low carbon, key core technologies” by 2025, across key actors including energy, industry, construction and transit.

The Plan also outlines the creation of 10 major low carbon demonstration projects, 10 key laboratories in relation to carbon neutrality and 5 green technology innovation centres.

By 2030, the plan calls for further improvements to a green, low-carbon tech innovation system and the formation of a large-scale cohort of low-carbon tech personnel and innovation teams, in order to fulfil the target of achieving peak carbon emissions in Shanghai.

By 2060, the Shanghai government has set the target of the city becoming a world leader in low carbon and negative carbon technologies, in order to support China’s national goal of achieving carbon neutrality that year.