Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Tag: Bank of Chengdu

Bank of Chengdu Launches New “Cloud Converted” Data Centre, Provides AI Customer Service in Sichuanese Dialect

Sichuanese province lender Bank of Chengdu has announced the launch of a new "cloud converted" data centre."

Bank of Chongqing and Bank of Chengdu Enter Strategic Agreement to Give Impetus to Sichuan Regional Economy

Two of the main lenders in the Sichuan province area are teaming up to provide greater financial support to the regional economy....

Bank of Chengdu’s Assets Breach 500 Billion Yuan, First Half Profits up 18% YoY

Regional lender Bank of Chengdu has just seen assets breach the half trillion yuan threshold.

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MLF Rates Remain Unchanged for 13th Consecutive Month as Chinese Monetary Policy Stresses Stability

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PBOC Reiterates Commitment to Anti-trust Enforcement in Chinese Payments Sector, Development of Cross-border Payments

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