Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Tag: Chinese bank capital

Trio of Chinese Banks Issue Tier-2 Capital Bonds on 17 March, 2021 Fund-raising Total Approaches 70 Billion Yuan

Three Chinese banks including a major state-owned lender have just held concurrent bond issues to improve their capital standing.

Chinese Commercial Banks Issue Nearly 600B Yuan in Tier-2 Capital bonds as Smaller Lenders Continue to Face Pressure

Commercial banks in China have stepped up efforts to replenish their capital levels via bond issuance since the start of 2020.

Chinese Banks Hope to Sell USD$29 Billion in Bonds in September to Shore up Capital Standing

Banks in China plan to issue near near-record amounts of bonds in September to replenish their capital levels, in the wake of...

China Big Four State-owned Banks Headed for 6.51 Trillion Capital Shortfall by 2024: S&P Global Ratings

A new report from S&P Global Ratings says that four of China's big state-owned banks will fall short of international capital requirements...

Financial Leverage to Hit 265% of China’s GDP by 2021, Credit Efficiency to Fall to Five Year Low: Fitch Ratings

Fitch Ratings expects the COVID-19 pandemic to bring the credit efficiency ratio of Chinese banks to a five-year low.

Three Chinese Banks Launch A-Share IPO’s Since Start of 2019, Waiting List Shrinks to Two Year Low

A-share IPO's of Chinese banks have accelerated markedly since the start of 2019, as Beijing paves the way for improvements to the...

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Digital Renminbi Makes Its Debut on Renmin University Campus

Ongoing trials of China's Digital Renminbi have brought the central bank digital currency to one of the country's most prestigious tertiary institutions....

China’s Services Exports Surge over 20% since Start of 2021, Imports Plunge by More Than 18%

China has seen a sharp rise in its exports of services since the start of 2021, in tandem with a plunge in...

Liquidity to Come Under Modest Pressure in April Following Funds Contraction of 30 Billion Yuan in March

Liquidity in the Chinese finance system is expected to come under modest pressure in the month of April as a result of...

China Co-chairs G20 Sustainable Finance Study Group with United States

China will play a leading role in efforts by the G20 to develop solutions for the challenges faced by the global sustainable...