China CITIC Credit Card Now Compensate for Flight Delays


China CITIC Bank has unveiled a new upgrade for its platinum credit card that will provide some form of compensation in the case of flight delays.

According to China CITIC Bank’s credit card centre their upgraded platinum card provides card holders with two tiers of compensation in the case of delayed flights.

Cardholders who use their platinum card to purchase plane flights can obtain compensation of up to 1,000 yuan in the case of two hour flight delays, and as much as 2,000 yuan for four hour delays.

The increasing use of air travel by Chinese citizens has worsened the problem of airport congestion and flight delays throughout the country.

The issue has compelled China’s Ministry of Transport to issue new regulations at the start of the year requiring that transit providers assist┬átravellers with food and accommodation arrangements in the case of delayed passage due to weather or air traffic problems.